Sustainable Agriculture

Skagit Growers, a division of Mike and Jean’s Berry Farm, is very proactive in the institution of sustainable farming practices. Sustainable farming practices are ways of farming that not only protect the environment but preserve it for generations to come. By incorporating natural systems into their farming practices, Mike and Jean Youngquist are ensuring a productive and profitable future for everyone.

Skagit Growers promotes the use of cover crops during the off-seasons. During the winter it is important to use cover crops to build the soil, absorb excess nitrogen, and smother weeds. With a good cover crop system, Mike and Jean have been able to minimize the amount of herbicides, tilling, and fertilizer that must be added in the spring. The primary cover crops that Mike and Jean use are winter wheat and barley. The barley even has the added side effect of acting as a food for migrating water foul.

All this care gives you the best tasting produce available.

Minimal Chemical Use

Responsible use of chemicals with an ultimate goal of minimal use.