History of Mike and Jean's Farm

Mike and Jean’s Berry Farm is a family-managed farm. John and Amanda Jungquist acquired the original homestead on August 20th 1889. They cleared the land and brought it into production. We are in our fifth generation of operation on this land. Our immediate family has been involved for the last 45 years. Mike, Jean, Chad, Tyann and Derrick have all had specific roles. Our operation includes experience in agriculture mechanics, engineering, food science and technology, nutrition, marketing, accounting, and computer science.

Employment on the farm has ranged from five during the slow periods to over 20 during the harvest season. Many of these berries are packed and shipped fresh or frozen from Northwest Washington to receiving points throughout the United States and Canada.

We have packed strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, fresh, frozen and IQF to order.

People and Employees of Mike and Jean's Farm

We at Skagit Growers, a division of Mike and Jean's Berry Farm, realize that producing a high quality product such as our Berries requires team effort. Without our hardworking partners and loyal employees, it would be difficult to ensure the same quality berries that we are able to produce today. Our workers are an important part of our operation and we appreciate their continual commitment to the quality products that you, the buyer, receive.

Back to the top. Mike and Jean's Community Involvement

It is our belief that a business has a responsibility to its community and to its employees. We invest in the future of our community and continue to be involved in organizations that are responsible for positive progress for our community and agricultural business. The following are groups we support as board members or with time and resources.

United Way of Skagit County

  • Supporting community, funding organizations, for young and old, people with needs and providing culture.


Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland

  • An organization that may be solely responsible for the preservation of agriculture in Skagit County and the preservation of a way of life important to the community and the state. Their commitment of time and finances to the WSU Research Station is one example of their dedication to agriculture and thus the preservation of farmland in our valley.

Skagit and Washington Farm Bureau

  • This organization supports agriculture in many ways, but is the political tool for the industry across the state and for every commodity.

Washington Growers League

  • Based in Yakima this organization educates and supports farmers across the state with employment issues, policy, and advice.

Cascade Harvest Coalition

  • Based in King County this group supports agriculture throughout the Puget Sound and Washington. They are dedicated to preservation of farming, and to promoting consumption of locally grown food. CHC is the umbrella support group for Puget Sound Fresh and Farm.

Speaker's Bureau

  • Dedicated to taking information about agriculture to the community. This group is made up of a cross section of our community.

Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation

  • Mike was one of the developers and continued supporters of this two year leadership development foundation. They graduate the 32th class in the spring of 2011.

Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust / Office of Rural & Farm Worker Housing

  • A statewide organization providing technical assistance to non-profit organizations (Housing Authorities) to provide and improve housing throughout the State. Mike was the co-chair of the Washington State Farm Workers Housing Trust.

Skagit County Community Action

  • Skagit County Community Action, and Mike and Jean's Berry Farm have teamed up to provide transitional housing, for the homeless during the time we do not need the housing for our employees during the harvest season.

WSU Extension Advisory Board

Community Berry Sales

  • We assist service organizations in establishing very successful fund raising programs selling our berries throughout the State.

Tierra Nueva

  • A non-denominational organization that assists the Hispanic community. They are available to assist in emergency situations, and get involved in issues that bring the agricultural community together with other interest groups for the common good of all.

Washington State University's College of Agriculture, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

  • Mike was chairman of the Dean's Advisory Council and has been WSU's delegate for National Land Grant University issues.

Puget Sound Fresh

SWAN Skagit Women’s Alliance and Network

  • Recognize and honor women who have made an extraordinary contribution to women, business and Skagit County. SWAN also awards to a woman a scholarship to enhance her professional competence thru higher education.

Northwest Agriculture Business Center

  • An organization focused upon the development of agriculture opportunities in a five county board directed network. NABC works in collaboration with WSU and other greater Puget Sound Ag groups to provide farmers with skills and resources for profitably and efficient distribution of their products to consumers, retailers, wholesalers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers. Contributing to the sustainability, and economic stability of the Ag industry thus preserving the regions farming heritage into the future.

Other Involvement

  • Jeanne is our Skagit County Auditor and is on the boards of “Northwest Agriculture Business Center” NABC. Jeanne is a Leadership Skagit Graduate of Class one and Alumni Committee Member. Leadership Skagit provides leadership training towards well rounded community members and leaders, as well as an excellent annually increasing network of resources.
Back to the top. Puget Sound Fresh

Mike and Jean's Berry Farm has continually been an advocate for the preservation of farmland. With five generations of farming experience, the family realizes that the future of farming lies not only in the hands of independent farmers, but also in those of the local community. Farmers and other community members must work together to promote local quality products and to maintain the success of area farms. It is for that reason that we at Mike & Jean's have recently become active participants in the Puget Sound Fresh campaign.

Puget Sound Fresh is a program that was started several years ago by the King County Agriculture Commission in an effort to keep farming alive in the Puget Sound area. By labeling locally grown products as Puget Sound Fresh, program leaders hope to encourage consumers, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants to purchase products that were grown in the area. Farming is a key to the Northwest quality of life and the Puget Sound Fresh Campaign hopes to establish a strong partnership between local growers and other members of the community in order to ensure the continued success of Puget Sound area farms.

The Puget Sound Fresh label can be found in any of the twelve counties that border the Puget Sound and any farm product grown in that area may be recognized as Puget Sound Fresh. Products are sold in a variety of settings including farmers markets, fruit stands, grocery stores, and restaurants. Mike and Jean's Berry Farm, is a proud representative of the Puget Sound Fresh program. We would like to work together with you to educate your customers about the mutual benefits made possible through this local program. We are confident that once your customers are familiar with the quality local products that bear the Puget Sound Fresh label, they will agree that local is better.

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